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Jaume Roig, Manager of "Supertronic"

We have been relying on the services in business consultancy and accounting management with octoedro assessors for over 15 years.

We have been continuously assisted in labour and business strategies, while nowthey are also in charge of managing our accounting obligations as an enterprise.

With the view of our experience of continuous close collaboration with them during all this time I can guarantee excellent treatment and perfect quality of their services.

Justo Molinero Calero, President of the Grup Tele Taxi

Fifty six years providing consultancy services for businesses already tells a lot about Fité Consultancy. It tells us about its persistence, competitiveness and professional ethics. These years have been decisive for the development and social and economic changes of the country. It was not easy to adapt to them, but they did it very well.

The Consultancies like Fité Agency are essential and fundamental for any kind of enterprise which wants to maintain its management standards in accordance with the current situation.

From the very beginning, i.e. already for thirty years, the Grup Tele Taxi has been entrusting its business management to the Fité Agency. Communication group management is not that easy and is subject to a number of normatives which are even more extensive than those required for other kinds of businesses. Fité Consultancy, which is now octoedro assessors, with consideration of its newimproved and updated business structure, have been providing full satisfaction in regards to the requirements of regulations fulfillment and have always followed continuous changes in the regulations for the telecommunications market.

They are now located in a new office and have new hopes for the future. It’s important for such companies as octoedro assessors to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the view of all above-mentioned I would like to congratulate them and encourage them to continue their work in business consultancy for many years.

Àlex Novell, General Director of "Optalia"


Àlex Fité is an excellent professional who gives his recommendations with a lot of enthusiasm not only due to his wide knowledge of the entrepreneurial business, but also due to his strategic vision and creative skills.

As for about his personality, I would foscus on his greatest virtues, such as serenity and capability for analytics and problem solving.

If I had to choose a phrase which could describe my relationships wit h him, I would say: “He’s always there.”


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